Hello everyone here at Kurogin,

As you see i am not one of the mods here and i shouldnt be able to post here but one of the mods who left yesterday gave me the rights to do this post.

As it was said before, me and a few more characters werent so happy at Kurogin anymore.
This isnt a post where i blame others, its just that we didnt feel happy here.

I am sorry to say this, as one who loves Kuro as much as others do. I truly enjoyed my time here, but i think its time to leave.

But even though we, I am leaving there is not an end.
I was planning of opening a new school for a while now. According to my wishes and the experience i got here at Kurogin Gakuen.

If you wish to join there you are more then welcome to do so. I am not going to reject people just like that but you have to follow the rules i set up. This time things are going to get stricter.

Here is the link to the new school.

Feel free to check it out and join. You can have the same character or change. Its up to you.

Thank you for everything, I am sorry and....I am not saying Goodbye i truly hope to see all of you at the new school.

Kamenashi Kazuya




this is one of the two mods and I don´t know if we both think the same, but I talked with few characters mus and ...

this is normal japanese boarding highschool. Few characters that keep talking about their STAR LIFE and STAR WIFES and STAR AMBITIONS... it was ok until there was one.

So please, I would like to ask you to stop STAR-MODING your characters and accept that this is usual high school. I won´t name all of you, I think you know yourself when you play your character this way.

And paging down my friends page makes me super depressed. People! It´s christmas! Let´s have merry happy christmas <3

  • kei_aki


Dear students, on the cafeteria podium, there is a Christmas tree now.
1) every each of you writes a wish-list on your lj
2) you have to read each other wish-lists
3) all presents, that are not ermm...too private, shall be laid under this tree in cafeteria
(we will get together here on Christmas Eve morning (ooc. cca in a real time) and open our christmas presents together)

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Hello newcomers,

this school is now under forced vacation until January 2010, we are searching for new students. We are not sure how many people form the LIST OF CHARACTERS TAKEN will be holding on their characters eventhough they doesn´t make them active. There is just few characters really active now I wont be saying who, if you are interested IN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS, NOT ONLY IN THE FREE ONES, try to ask for it here. Maybe if the inactive people see how many people would actually like to play their stuck character they will let go.

For sure you will never get Koyama Keiichiro, Kamenashi Kazuya, Tanaka Koki and Nakamaru Yuiichi as they are the only really active members of school.

What do we do?
- play JE boys characters in AU world of boarding high-school, they are going to classes, having relationships, playing on school grounds...IT´S SO MUCH FUN!
Do I have to know what happened before I joined?
- not at all, your character is introduced as a NEW STUDENT with no history for us. If somebody played the character before and dropped it it´s history is history of EX-student or EX-roommate and not history of the character that is freshly played from the beginning.

Hope to see a lots of comments here ^^

- please students that are left welcome them and teach them how to play ^^ So they are not bored until January, ok? ^^
Ohno Saotshi (grade 11), dorm 2 - ouji_no_tsuri
Yamada Ryosuke (grade 9), dorm 1 - ryosuke_kurogin
Matsumoto Jun sensei, subject - theater - jun_sensei
Masuda Takahisa sensei, subject - dance - gyozalover
Shibutani Subaru, (grade 12), dorm 1- shibuyan_aka

[27/11] LAst day of classes, TaNaka schedule their first trip together [Locked]

[Characters involved: Tanaka Koki,Nakamaru Yuichi]
[Rating:donno really! anything can happen with them ya know XD]

MAru sent a mail to Koki in the morning, asking him to come to his room after the last class of the year.

To: Kocchi
From: Yucchi
Subject: yes for today is Kocchi XD I have something to talk about-!

Kocchiiii! Come to Yucchi's room after your classes we have something to discuss about.

MAru was now waiting Koki in his room, playing with a videogame. Since they'll be on vacancy until January they will be finaly able to visit Okinawa, as MAru promised to Koki some time ago.

[21/Nov] A visit to the Agency[Locked]

[Characters involved: Tanaka Koki,Nakamaru Yuichi,Kamenashi Kazuya,Koyama Keiichiro,Yamashita Tomohisa]
[Rating: none]
~Venue: Koki's agency~

Koki sent a message to everybody about to meet at the front gate because this is time to visit Koki's agency

" Hello! Minna,let's meet at the front gate, my limosuine is waiting for us and I hope you all can come with me,I would really enjoy it to have fun in the agency with you guys
Jya Koki"

*message sent to everyone*

Koki then was waiting for the others at the front gate

(20/NOV) Sleep (Locked)

Characters involved: Koyama Keiichiro, Kamenashi Kazuya
Rating: I never really know XD

After Kazuya heard Koyamas announcement, as promised he made his way to the teachers dorm, to Koyamas room.
As he got there he couldnt find the other, and he had to think where he could be. He made his way to the teachers office maybe the other would be there, he had to chuckle though when he found Koyama sitting in a chair in the teachers office, sleeping.

As nobody was in the office he made his way to Koyama and called to him softly.
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Koyama was in the office of the school sponsors for another hours. He was tired as puppy. But he head good announcement to do. His voice was maybe sounding exhausted, but he was announcing it with all cheerfulness that was left in his heart. He turned on the radio and announced:

"Minna, this is Koyama Keiichiro sensei speaking. I fought with the sponsors for all of you guys. Even thought we won´t take classes until January the 1st, we all can stay here in our dorms. I hope that at least that will erase a LITTLE of my fail. Please all unpack your bags. Koyama Keiichiro."

He rested against the back rest of the chair and sighed deeply.
  • kei_aki

20/NOV Leave or stay (LOCK)

Characters involved: Koyama Keiichiro & Kamenashi Kazuya
rating: i am not sure here >_<

Koyama turned off his phone the day before. Not that he would expect people to call him, he disappointed everyone. It was just vacation from school but all felt it as if Kurogin was over. That made him more guilty.

But the night after, he couln´t erase Kame´s face from his mind. He went to Kame´s room and knocked to door.

"Kazu? It´s me." he said barely hearable thru the door.
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18/NOV School meeting, special announcement (OPEN)

The meeting with other professors and Higashiyama took them around 3 hours. Koyama couldn´t believe that this is happening, but as he was the one to handle all the documents and such, he knew that there is no other way but do it like this now. He announced to the radio that was audible in school and in dorms too that everyone have to come to the gym in 30 minutes.

He was waiting for everyone to come and when he was that everyone came he hid his hand in the pocket. Squeezing it in a tight fist.

"Minna. Ohayou. We are sorry to call you out to the gym at such a late hour, but it happened that ..." he took a breath and looked at the faces of other students.

"... Until the end of this calendar year, our school is closing down. It´s forced vacation, yes. I am sure you yourself noticed that our school is getting empty. I worked on the solution hard, for weeks. I didn´t slept much, I´ve done my best to find the solution, but I couldn´t find. I am sorry."

He stepped next to the microphone and bowed to the all shocked students. He was trembling and his voice already too.

"We still don´t know how will things look at the end of the year, but... Let´s meet here everyone again. Refreshed and bring friends to our school. Dorms will be closed down. Without special reason you give me, you can´t stay there. I am sorry for that too, I ..." his chin started to tramble and he turned around for a second holding back his tears. He calmed down eventually to at least finish the speech.

"I ask everyone to keep up your diaries on the school page. We all should stay in contact with each other. Talk about how are we doing in our homes, in our new homes, in our old ones too. I will be missing you. Please unless you have special reason, please leave until the end of this week. I will contact parents of all of you tomorrow. Thanks." he said and bowed a little again before quickly trying to leave the gym. Somebody grabbed his hand though...

You guys can open last posts about how you are leaving the school until FRIDAY THE 27th. Then I will take the posting access from you to SCHOOL COMMUNITY. Thouhg, feel free not only keep up your DIARIES but you can also play at your private LJ´S about how you are spending your days home. Maybe ... If Ryo will take Ohkura to Osaka to his home, we can play at Ryo´s or Ohkura´s LJ how they spent the time there. I am sorry guys, but we need take a break, refresh and see if you really will miss playing or not. And please, if you will help ADVERTISE the school and BRING NEW BLOOD, we will be more then gratefull. Arigatou, for everything up till now <3 I love you guys.)